Closing Remarks – Immediately Following 3PM Session

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16:00 CST
Closing Remarks – Immediately Following 3PM Session
Dr. Mehmed Ali

Director of Academic Services

13:00 CST
Command, Control, and Integration of Autonomous Unmanned Combat Air
Maj. Gen. Kenneth Wisian

Ph.D. USAF (ret), University of Texas Austin

Nicholas Nelson

Georgia Tech University

12:00 CST
Lunch Break Day 2 – Treat Yourself To Learning More About Air University – Click Here!
12:00 CST
Lunch Break – Treat Yourself To Learning More About Air University – Click Here!
14:00 CST
Space Policy
Mariel Borowitz

Georgia Tech University

Dr. Kathryn Gardner-Vandy

Oklahoma State University

13:00 CST
Character Development: An Air National Guard Perspective
Dr. Le’Trice Donaldson

University of Wisconsin Stout

Col. Raymond Kimball

West Point

11:00 CST
Artificial Intelligence, Autonomy and Russian Space Warfare
Dr. Matt Stein

Mitre Corp

15:00 CST
Emotional Intelligence
Dr. Venessa Funches

Auburn University Montgomery (AUM)

Mr. Michael Young

Barnes Center

09:00 CST
Cargo Drone Project
John Coglianese

Executive Vice President, Sciath USA

Lt. Col. Douglas G “Lucky” Luccio

USMC, Assistant Professor of Strategy, National Defense University

08:00 CST
Invisible Stop Signs: The Impact of Secrecy in Deterrence
Dr. Kathryn Boehlefeld

Assistant Professor of Military and Security Studies, ACSC

Dr. David Lorenzo

National Chengchi University, Taipei

16:00 CST
Project Maize: Information Warfare
Dr. Robert Hinck

Air University

Dr. Katerina Tsetsura

University of Oklahoma

15:00 CST
JADC2 Technology in JFE in Island Hopping
Tony Morash
Dr. Edward Lengel

National Medal of Honor Museum

14:00 CST
Aviation Advising Missions in Iraq/Afghanistan
Dr. William Dean

Air Command and Staff College (ACSC)

Dr. Carla Martinez Machain

Kansas State University

10:00 CST
More Isn’t Always Better: DAF Autonomy for Policy Decision
Lt. Col. David Osterhaus

Air University

Dr. Jessica Blankshain

Naval War College

11:00 CST
Foreign Blood for American Defense
Dr. Harry Franqui-Rivera
Dr. Selika Ducksworth-Lawton

University of Wisconsin

10:00 CST
Strategic Direction for Blood Banks
Ms. Sara Belligoni

University of Central Florida

Brian “Trash” Hastings

Alabama Emergency Management Agency

08:00 CST
Keynote: Cicadas, Diabolical Beetles, and Killer flies: How To Get To Where Our Adversaries Cannot
Dr. Mark Conversino

Chief Academic Officer, Air University

Col. Michelle Ewy

Acting Director and Detachment 14 Commander, Air Force Office of Scientific Research

The conclusions and opinions expressed in this event are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, Department of the Air Force, Air University or any of the institutions or corporations with which the participants claim affiliation.
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Dr. Mehmed Ali

Director of Academic Services

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